Our Philosophy

More than music

‘Out of the Woods’ is born out of a love of music, art & adventure.

Weaving together a dream of connection, creativity, celebration & respect to create one epic weekend where everyone is welcome.

These 4 guiding principles have been developed to help you participate to the fullest extent at #OOTW23


In the digital age where connection is more often experienced through devices, we cherish the depth of community and togetherness that comes from the gathering of humans, in front of a stage, to celebrate music, life & culture.

Remember when you are at OOTW, say hello to the person next to you when you’re in line at the bar. Smile at the security who are there to help you. Make a joke with the person standing next to you in the crowd. Connect with others, even if you’re shy. Magic can happen in the kindness of strangers.


As conformity is more often valued over creativity, we dreamed of creating a temporary community that nurtures artistic freedom and pushes the boundaries of creative expression. We strongly encourage costumes or outfits that can take you out of the norm and into the spotlight. Liberate your style & express yourself freely.


We believe it is important to stop and celebrate all the glorious things this beautiful life has to offer. We encourage you to stop and celebrate the small things. Turn the mundane into something special. Riding the bus – tell some jokes. Waiting in line – make some friends. Make a party in every moment.


The most important guideline is RESPECT.

Respect yourself! Respect others! Respect the Earth!

Respect yourself – In a time when self-doubt can often rule our lives, we encourage you to express yourself freely & encourage others to do so.

Respect others – We want people of all backgrounds, beliefs, ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities and races to know that you belong and are safe at our event.

Respect the Earth – Look after mother nature as she looks after us.

Follow these principles and we promise you will get the most out of the weekend.