Out of the Woods aspires to minimise the impact of a large-scale event on this planet & our beautiful home of Fremantle

Our Part

We only sell beverages in cans or paper cups
Our Food Vendor Partners are required to use paper or recyclable vessels
We donate all unutilised goods to local communities
We provide adequate waste disposal areas with clear signage on how to recycle.
We educate our employees & friends
We share best practices
We leave no trace
We’re partnering with Waste for WAAC for all containers for change collection

Your Part

Minimise your footprint: Carpool, use public transport, & bring a reusable water bottle
Please follow the signage on our recycling, general waste and aluminium can bins to properly dispose of waste.
LEAVE NO TRACE – Everything you bring with you needs to leave with you.
Be creative and reuse the clothes you already have in your closet!
Only use biodegradable glitter.